Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walgreens - 12/16/08

Want Walgreens to PAY you to take some soup home? Well, that's just what they'll do all week long. Progresso soup is on sale for 99 cents a can with the coupon in Walgreens' flier. Print two $1.10 off Progresso coupons and you'll be getting free soup, plus 11 cents overage per can! Remember to buy something else to "eat up" the overage... the store isn't going to vive you change back, PLUS free stuff... but free is GOOD!
If you want more Progresso, print these $1 off 2, or $2 off 4 coupons. You can get more soup at less than 50 cents a can... and while this is a "Limit 3" sale, remember that your sales limits are on variety. You can get 3 Chicken Noodle, 3 Vegetable, etc...

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