Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Better than free cereal - they pay you to take it home!

Till Thursday this week at Jewel - Glucerna diabetic cereals are on sale for $3.99. Print a coupon for $5 off Glucerna and take this home for FREE! Not sure what the shelf price is, but it may still be free even after the sale ends, just not as much overage for you. Also, read the fine print on the coupon, you can only use 1 at a time because its a per household limit even though it will let you print 2. So, go thru the line twice and make sure you have something to use up your overage :)

Charity Note: If you're not diabetic, this would be a wonderful item to donate to your local food pantry for someone who may be, as diabetic foods are typically quite expensive. And with a coupon that exceeds the value of the item you're buying, you may gain some overage for yourself... AND help someone else too :)

NOTE - many people are receiving the message that this coupon has reached its print limit. But, if you can print it, click your back button 3 times to reprint it a second time.


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