Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jill Cataldo's Deals of the week - 2-16-09

Kicking things off at Jewel this week, let's take home lots of granola bars and fruit snacks on the cheap! If you're on General Mills' email list, perhaps you received this email advertising a new $10 Catalina campaign when you buy 10 General Mills products. Now, while the deal's supposed to start 2/19... it's already under way :)

And what's a great thing to buy right now? With all Catalina deals like this, it's usually either the lowest-priced items...or the items with other Catalina deals simultaneously running on them! And guess what... fruit snacks and Nature Valley granola bars (the regular crunchy kind, NOT the sweet/salty nut kind) both overlap with this deal!

Ready to take these home CHEAP? Grab your coupons...
Buy 5 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars @ $3.50 each = $17.50Buy 5 boxes of GM fruit snacks @ $2.50 each = $12.50
We're at $30 for our ten boxes... but we've just qualified for a $10 Catalina, a $3.50 Catalina, and another $3.50 Catalina! We'll be getting $17 of that $30 right back. Now, let's sweeten the deal even more with coupons...
Fruit snacks:.75 off 2 (Print 2)1/4 GM - .50 off 22/8 GM - .50 off 22/1 SS - .50 off 1
Granola bars:.60 off 1 (Print 2)1/4 GM - .50 off 1The Winter issue of Que Rica Vida also has a .50 off 1 coupon for Nature Valley. (Que Rica Vida is a free Spanish GM coupon and recipe mailer - and YES I subscribe ... it's got coupons in it! :)

Note from Nikki: You can easily translate the site fields with this website: http://babelfish.yahoo.com/?fr=bf-res

So, with coupons, here's how it will work:Buy 5 fruit snacks. Use 2 .75 coupons and one .50 coupon for your boxes & save (or substitute other coupons listed) - $2.00 savings
Buy 5 granola bars. Use 2 .60 coupons and 2 .50 coupons - $1.70 savings
Pay $26.30 for your 10 boxes and get $17.00 back in Catalinas, and you'll end up paying $9.30 for all 10. That's .93 a box... cheap lunchtime snacks! Note that the fruit snacks are only on sale for $2.50 until 1/18....

Still at Jewel, how about some really cheap razors? Bic Comfort 3 and Bic Soleil disposable razors are on clearance for $2.14 at most Jewels. (Check price with the scanner if yours isn't marked - it's a chainwide clearance.) Use the $2 off Bic Comfort and $2 off Bic Soleil from 1/18 SS to take these home for .14 a pack!

And still at Jewel, Kraft South Beach balsamic vinaigrette salad dressings are reduced to $2.09. Your Jewel Avenu has $1 off South Beach dressings ... and 1/18 SS has a $1 off 2 Kraft dressings coupon. Buy 2 bottles -- Avenu takes $1 off each bottle, and the coupon takes another $1 off. You'll pay $1.18 for 2 bottles, or .59 each! (Note: Some readers are reporting that the dressings are on sale for $1.09 at their stores.. if so, you'll be getting your dressing free with $3.91 overage with this combo - and THAT's excellent!)

And yes, still at Jewel, Hershey bars are still on sale for $1, B1G1F. Use the B1G1F coupon from 11/9 SS and 1/25 SS and take home TWO for free!

Heading to Meijer... Meijer has both Crest and Colgate toothpaste on sale for 99 cents a tube. Use the $1 Crest coupon from 2/8 PG and take this home for FREE... if you want the Colgate, use the 2/1 SS .75 coupon and pick it up for .26!

Over at Target, there's a great deal on Goldfish crackers (which is rather timely, as if you've been with my blog for awhile, you'll undoubtedly remember that huge Goldfish sale at Jewel last fall. My Goldfish crackers are almost gone from that sale... and here's another one, just in time! Goldfish are on sale for $1.66 a bag. Print this $1 coupon from Target.com and pick them up for just .66 a bag! Remember you can also print these coupons from the gift registry kiosk in the front of Target stores :)

Note: A reader said that the sign at her store states they'll only be on sale through 2/16, so if you want these, you may want to get there TODAY (Monday, early birds! :)
Over at Kmart, Revlon Colorsilk haircolor is on sale for $2 a box - already a cheap price! But use the $1 off 2 coupon from 1/11 SS and you will pick 2 boxes up for $3, or $1.50 each! The recession is no excuse not to look fabulous! :)

Over at Walgreens, did you miss getting your FREE "expensive" razor last week? The mad rush on free Gillette Fusion "Gamer" razors left many shelves bare and many shoppers frustrated. Well, guess what... the razors are still on unadvertised sale for $8.99. 2/8 PG had a $4 coupon for the razor. Use the coupon, pay $4.99... and get $6 in RRs! They'll pay YOU $1 to take the razor home! Note that while the RR for this razor is not in this week's ad, it's still running... so get in there and get your free Fusion razor!

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