Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some awesome Jewel Deals!

The current, unadvertised deal is buy $25 worth of ConAgra product, get a $10 Catalina back. This deal will be in the ad at the end of the month, but some of the items on sale are already a good deal. If you've been at this for awhile, you know some of these deals work on regular price, some on sale price. This is a regular-price deal, and here are your matchups...

10 Healthy Choice soups @ $1 can = $10 - get a $10 Catalina back. FREE soup. Look in the aisle for $0.45/2 blinkie coupons to make this a moneymaker.
(MANY people have written to tell me they're taking lots of soup to their local food pantries this week. Since it's free, it is a wonderful item to donate -- and I'm so happy that so many of you are doing this!)

14 Hunt's diced canned tomatoes $1 a can = $14 - get a $10 Catalina back. Cheap tomatoes! Use $0.40/2 coupons from 1/18 SS or print two $1/3 Hunts Tomatoes to sweeten this.
11 Swiss Miss (some stores, 10 will work, depending on regular price) at $1 a box = $11 - get a $10 Catalina back. Use the .50 coupon from December All You to sweeten this.

8 Act II popcorn = $8 - get a $10 Catalina back. Popcorn moneymaker!

16 Hunt's Snack Pack pudding - I believe these are $1 - pay $16 and get $10 back. This one varies a lot on shelf price at different locations, so check yours.

Remember, you will only get one $10 Catalina per transaction, so don't do all of these in the same trip through the lane. You'll need to break them up into individual trips of $25 regular price value each time.

26 oz bags of Purdue frozen fully cooked chicken is on sale $9.99 B1G1 FREE. If you printed any of the perdue coupons from, you know that you have 2 dollar off coupons to use with this deal making the bags less that 3 dollars

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