Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Awesome Coupon to use at Jewel with the Post Cereal Deal

Awesome Coupon to use at Jewel with the Post Cereal Deal

Use $2/1 Post Trail Mix printable (one allowed per 5 boxes)

Thanks to DealSeekingMom!!

Pep Boys Free DIY Oil Change

Pep Boys Free DIY Oil Change

April 5th through April 18th you can get 5 quarts of Peak Oil and a Purlator ProLine Oil Filter for $9.99 at Pep Boys Auto. Pep Boys is also offering a $9.99 rebate on the deal making it FREE. Plus, you can submit for two rebates per customer getting you a total of 10 quarts of oil and two oil filters!

Thanks to DealSeekingMom.com!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Creamer at Jewel

International Delight is on sale for 1.00 at Jewel this week...if you go to www.internationaldelight.com you can (I think) print a 1.00 coupon. I could not do it--and have trouble printing coupons all the time--but I'm sure someone can. I'm also not sure if you have to fill out form or whatever....

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Pasta Deal at Jewel!

Pasta Deal at Jewel

Dreamfields Pasta is currently on sale for $2 a box at Jewel through March 29. Many people are getting it on Avenu for $1.25 off per box, limit 6.

Dreamfields' site has $1 printables, and 1/18 SS has a $1 off 2 coupon. So, if you print 2 and have one of the insert coupon, it works like this...

After Avenu, the price is .75/box.

2 boxes w/ $1 coupons = .50 overage
2 more boxes with $1 off 2 coupon = .25 per box
(But... the .50 overage from the other two boxes will cover that last .25 per box)... and all 4 boxes will be FREE.

With more printables, you could potentially get 6 boxes for free

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crystal Lite Deal at Jewel

Crystal Light Deal at Jewel

Get the $1/2 Qs here (for IE):http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qaifbeq8025034&bt=wi&o=54809&c=...(for Firefox):http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qaifbeq8025034&bt=wg&o=54809&c=...

At the Wheaton Jewel on Geneva, they had the '12qt' cans on sale for $6/2 or $3 ea. In addition to that, they also qualify for the spend $25, get $10 deal going on right now. To top that off, they also have another deal going on where if you buy 3 cans you get $2 back. I found that last deal on tags on the shelves, so I'm guessing it's a overlapping Cat deal.

So here's what I did:I bought 6 cans @ $3 = $18 (you need multiples of 3 for the $2 deal)Used 3 of my $1/2 coupons =$15Got $14 ($10+2+2) back in Cats, so I paid $1 for 72quarts of Crystal Light.

To sweeten it even further, I rolled a $10Wags Cat into it to pay for it, bringing my final OoP to $5.32 w/tax an walked out with my $14 in Cats and a year's supply of CL!

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Awesome Diaper Deal at Walgreens - supposed to start March 8th

Awesome Diaper Deal at Walgreens - supposed to start March 8th

Walgreens is supposed to have a diaper deal starting March 8. The deal is... spend $25 or more on Huggies diapers or wipes and get a $10 RR.

Coupons has a $5 and a $3 coupon for Huggies. We -rarely- see printables for diaper coupons, especially high-value. Print these NOW because they'll likely be off the site when the new coupons come out on Monday.

Then, if you can find one, pick up the 99-cent coloring book from Walgreens. It contains a bunch of Walgreens store coupons, including one for $1 off Huggies. You will only need one, as Walgreens coupons apply to all your like items in one order. (Additionally, most Wags will let you keep the coupon, as they just discard the store coupons at the end of the day.)

So, diapers are supposed to be on sale for $10 a pack next week (I haven't seen the flier yet, but let's assume that's right!) If so, here's how it could work:

3 packs of Huggies @ $10 = $30
Minus $1 x 3 for coloring book coupon = $27
Minus two $5 coupons and one $3 coupon = $15
Pay $15 and get at $10 RR = $5 for 3 packs of Huggies!

If you have access to more than one computer and can use three $5 coupons, it works like this:
3 packs of Huggies @ $10 = $30
Minus $1 x 3 for coloring book coupon = $27
Minus three $5 coupons = $12
Pay $12 and get at $10 RR = $2 for 3 packs of Huggies!

Here is the one catch: You CANNOT roll the RR into another order containing huggies at Walgreens. You can use them for anything else, but don't even combine it with a Huggies order because your next set of RR will not print out.
Food for thought: Jewel will take the RR because they accept ALL competitors coupons, and its actually a Mfr coupon if you read the fine print on it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walgreen's Deal on Dove Bar Soap

Walgreens Register Rebate Deal on Dove Bar Soap

Here is what the Register Rebate Alert said:
Buy participating Dove products between 3/1 & 3/28Buy 4 & get $2.00... orBuy 6 & get $6.00... orBuy 8 or more & get $10.00... coupon off your next order.Please refer to Walgreens 3/15 circular for participating product details. Choose from the following participating Dove personal care products:DeodorantSkin, Bath or Hair CareAll Items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash back. Offer expires 3/28/09.

Posted on Jill Cataldo's website:
The buy eight/ get $10 RR deal also works with the travel-sized deodorants sticks, which are priced at $1.29. There's a coupon in 1/18 RP for $1.50 off two, and it doesn't exclude travel size.
So .....8 x $1.29 = $10.32Minus 4 of the coupons = $4.32 ($.54 each)With a $10 RR
You can also mix and match, adding the $.99 beauty bar with in store coupon if they don't have eight of the travel size deodorants.

Awesome deal on Kraft Cheese at Jewel

Awesome deal on Kraft Cheese at Jewel

Here's the scoop from Jill Cataldo's website:
There are overlapping CAT deals for Kraft 2% cheese starting 3/6!
Spend $25 or More when you Buy Select Kraft, Starkist, Arnold, Brownberry or Oroweat products between 3/4 and 3/22 and get $10 CAT.


Purchase between 3/6 & 3/29, buy Kraft 2% and Natural Chunk, Shreds & Snacking Cheese, 6 oz. or larger.
Includes: 2% Natural Slices, 2% Cracker Cuts, 2% Cubes, Crumbles and 2% Shredded Cheese.
Buy 2 get $1Buy 3 get $2Buy 4 get $3 ...coupon off your next order.
All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash back. Offer expires 3/29/09


Buy 7 bricks or shredded 2% cheese at $2/bag (sale price through 3/15). The shelf price for these is $4/item (at least for the shredded, I believe it's both, however, need to confirm). So, this will be $14 OOP and you will be a $3 CAT and a $10 CAT. It's a MM if you have any $1 cheese winetags or $.75 2% cheese blinkies!!!!!!!
You should do this deal between 3/6 and 3/15 as the sale price for the kraft may be gone after that.

Here is what has been confirmed to work by other posters:
7 packs of the 2% shredded (which is called 2% natural shredded cheese on the packet) for $14 generated the 10 dollar cat (remember that the 3 dollar one hasn't kicked in yet)
AND Remember to use coupons to sweeten the deal!