Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cheap Icecream at Dominicks - Today (Wednesday) Only!

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For the last day of the Living Well sale... here's one heck of a double-dip!
Haagen-Dasz ice cream bars and pints, and Skinny Cow ice cream bars and pints are all in the $30/$10 deal, and a new Catalina deal started today on them too (it's in tomorrow's ad listed starting tomorrow, but it's running today, 5/6! This is the last day of Living Well, so you can overlap these two deals today only...)

The new Catalina deal is buy 5 ice cream products (certain brands) and get a $5 Catalina off your next order.

Haagen-Dasz are $3.50 and Skinny Cow are $3.99. Both are in BOTH Catalina deals.
There are $1-off-2 coupons in the 4/26 SS, and if you bought Starbucks ice cream at any time during the LW promo, you also got a $1-off-2 Catalina coupon for Haagen-Dasz.

So... 5 Haagen-Dasz = $17.50. Fill in the rest of your order with other LW items to get to $30.Minus 2 $1-off-2 coupons = $15.50... and you'll get a $10 Catalina AND a $5 Catalina back!


Or, 2 Skinny Cow and 3 Haagen-Dasz = $18.48. Fill in to get to $30.Minus 2 $1-off-2 coupons = $16.48. Pay and get $15 back!

Or... 5 Skinny Cow = $19.95. Again, fill in with other items to get to $30. Minus 2 $1-off-2 coupons = $17.95 - pay and get $15 back!

If you're near a Jewel Express (gas station) you can sweeten this even more... I've heard that apparently there are tearpads on the freezer cases for $1 off 1 Haagen Dasz, manufacturer coupons..! With 5 of these...

5 Haagen-Dasz = $17.50. Fill in to get to $30.Minus 5 $1 coupons = $12.50. Pay and get $15 back! Moneymaker on the ice cream!

Because this one's kind of "against the ad" (the ad says the ice cream cat starts tomorrow) if it doesn't print, you're kind of on your own... but I just got back and did the deal twice - it works, and that's CHEAP ice cream :)

Thanks Jill!!

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