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Dominicks Deals thru this Weds

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Heading over to Dominick's, they have a crazy amount of good store coupons in this week's Thursday flyer.

All of these require a total purchase of $20 or more to use, but I'm going to give you a good scenario to get over that mark and take advantage of these GOOD sales! And, keep in mind that at Dominick's, the "Minimum $20 purchase" applies to the REGULAR, non-sale price of those items. Really! It's even spelled out very well on Safeway's corporate site:

What does "minimum $10 (or $20) purchase required" mean? To use store coupons that include a minimum purchase requirement, you must spend a minimum dollar amount on that shopping trip. You will reach the minimum purchase amount based upon total purchases before your Club Card discount is applied. This total will include the coupon item's regular price, not the discounted price. For example, the regular retail price of a box of Cheerios (before coupon and before Club Card discounts) will count toward the minimum purchase required in order to use the Cheerios coupon.

So, knowing this, getting over that $20 mark isn't as hard as it seems. Here's a scenario that will have you taking home lots of things for very little, using the best of this week's store coupons in the flyer:

1 Safeway Select Artisan Filone bread (like French bread)
$1.19 regular price, but .69 with flyer coupon. Dominicks.com also has a $1 coupon that your store may let you stack with this. If they do, you will get your bread free with .31 overage. (The coupon will scan fine - doesn't hurt to try!)

1 Lucerne 18 count eggs
$1.49 regular price, .99 with flyer coupon

1 5-lb bag of russet potatoes
$2.49 regular price, .99 with flyer coupon

1 Mott's apple juice
$2.49 regular price, .99 with flyer coupon

1 Thomas' English muffins
$1.99 regular price, $1.49 with flyer coupon

4 Nature Valley granola bars
$2.50 each regular price, 4-for-$6 with flyer coupon. Load the .40 ecoupons from both Shortcuts and Cellfire, and you'll save .80 more. Then stack this with some Nature Valley coupons:
.50 off 1 Nature Valley Dark Chocolate & Nut
.50 off 1 Nature Valley Dark Chocolate & Nut
.40 off any 1 Nature Valley
.70 off 2 - 7/12 SS

If you can print (and use) four .50 coupons, you'll bring the cost of those bars down two dollars more, but clip the insert coupon too -- some Doms are limiting the number of like printables, so have some insert coupons on hand as "backup!"

Now, we're at $18.46 on regular prices, but we're actually only paying $10.45, and that's not including any manufacturer coupons for the Nature Valley. With 4 .50 printables, you'll now pay $8.45 for all of this! And, if your Doms lets you use the $1 off Safeway Select printable too, you'll save another dollar, bringing you to just $7.45 out of pocket.

But we're not QUITE over $20 yet.

We need to add one more thing to get over the $20 regular-price mark... and my favorite filler item lately at Doms is Pedigree Dentastix. That's right, even if you don't have a dog, you're buying more dog treats this week, because they will be FREE with overage... (donate or give them away!)

Pedigree Dentastix dog treats:
$3.99 (putting you at $22.45 to now qualify for all coupons) - use the $2.50 Shortcuts.com discount stacked with this $2.50 printable and get $5 savings on this $3.99 item. You will make $1.01 buying them!

Now, adding the Dentastix pushes you over the $20 regular-price minimum, but you'll actually knock another $1.01 off your total, bringing you to $6.44 for ALL of these groceries. Now that's Super-Couponing!

If you don't like or want some of the suggestions above, feel free to mix and match whatever you like, of course -- these items are also good deals at Doms this week:

Duracell 8-ct AAA or AA batteries
$6.99 regular price, $4.99 with flyer coupon. Stack with $1 ecoupon from PGEsaver.com and $1 Duracell coupon from P&G Year of Savings book and ultimately pay $2.99, but get $6.99 credit toward your $20.

Fiber One Muffin Mix
$2.50 regular price. Stack with .50 ecoupons from both Shortcuts and Cellfire, and save another dollar. THEN, use a .50 off Fiber One Muffin Mix and pay just a buck for the muffin mix... but get $2.50 credit toward your $20.

Ranchers Reserve London Broil flank steaks
Even without coupons, these are a steal this week. They are $1.99/lb, which is a great price for any meat. These are HUGE steaks, typically packaged with 2 in a tray. Each tray will cost around $10-$15 depending on size.

I bought three this week, simply because I had a Catalina from Doms for $10 off any Ranchers Reserve beef when you spend $35 or more - that knocked my end price per pound under $1.50. And, we have lots of steak :)

Joint Juice flavored waters are $1 this week at Dominick's too. Get them FREE with expired $1 coupons from 4/26 SS, 2/22 SS, 11/2/08 RP, 8/3/08 RP, or pair one expired $1 coupon with the B1G1F Joint Juice coupon from 6/7 SS and get TWO bottles for free! These also make great fillers if you're counting up to $20 for the above coupon deals.

Joint Juice's site also has a $1 printable - note that some Doms will not let you use a printable when the sale price is close to the coupon price. Yes, weird policy - just a heads-up.

Continuing from last week's Dominick's deals, many blog readers are excited about another bottled water deal (what is up with the super-cheap water at Doms lately? LOVE it!)

The deal is on Nestle Pure Life water, and it goes like this...

Buy 5 cases of Nestle Pure Life, and the price drops to $2.99 a case; you will also get a $5 Cat back for buying over 4 cases.

Use 5 (or as many as you have) coupons for the Pure Life. Many stores have $1 coupons in the Blinkie dispenser - or, find some here:

4/5 RP - .50 or $1
8/3/08 RP - $1
July All You - .50
$1 off 1 (will need to register to print - use a free/secondary email)
$1.50 off 1 - some people are reporting this one no longer printing.

With 5 $1 coupons, you will pay $9.95 for 5 cases of water and get $5 back! That works out to $4.95 for 5 cases, or under a dollar a case.

Not bad, but what's got my readers really excited is that there's also a second deal going on the water. Mail in those 5 UPCs from your water and get coupons back for 2 more free cases of water! Now, you're ultimately getting 7 cases of water (24 bottles a case!) for $4.95, which works out to $0.70 a case! This incredible water deal runs through 8/9/09.

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