Friday, June 4, 2010

Freebies for Good Grades!

School is out for the summer and report cards are either coming home soon or you already have them. If you've got a kid that's gotten good grades, here are some companies that I have seen listed on other websites as ones that reward students for getting good grades on their report cards:

Baskin-Robbins -- Get a free scoop of ice cream for good grades on your report card!

Blockbuster -- Get a free family friendly movie rental for A’s on your report card!

Chick-fil-A -- Bring in your report card showing all A’s and B’s,and receive a FREE 8-pack of nuggets!

Chuck E. Cheese -- Chuck E. Cheese believes in the value of a good education. Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive FREE tokens for good grades.

Family Video -- Get a free rental when you show your good report card!

Krispy Kreme- Get a free donut for each A (up to 6 A’s)!

McDonalds -- Students with straight A's can get a free Happy Meal!

Pizza Hut -- Each marking period, any child who has 3 A’s or the equivalent thereof, will receive one Personal Pan Pizza and a small soft drink or carton of milk by presenting his or her report card to the manager.

Sbarro Pizza -- Any student with A’s and B’s on his or her report card automatically becomes one of our PizzAchievers. Sbarro will then provide every PizzAchiever and an accompanying adult with a free slice of cheese or peperoni pizza and a small soda!

Topps -- The Topps of the Class program has been created to give you a great trading card gift when you put your mind to work. Every time you bring in a report card to this store, the manager will award you with a gift!

Hostess/Dolly Madison - When a child receives their report card with either all A’s, B’s or both A’s and B’s, the student or parent can print out a copy of the IBC Student Achievement Award and take it to the child’s teacher to get signed.Once you have a copy of the Student Achievement Award and a teacher’s signature, bring it along with the student’s report card to the nearest IBC bakery outlet store to redeem the sweet reward! Store Locator: The hard-working student will then receive a FREE Hostess® or Dolly Madison® snack cake. Parents also win! By encouraging your child to do well in school, you will also receive one FREE loaf of bread just for bringing your child and his/her report card to one of our outlet stores.

Get a Free Book, just for your child reading 10 books this summer -


Barnes and Nobles:

Pizza Hut:


As some of these may be at participating locations only, I highly recommend that you call ahead to ensure that your particular store is offering these freebies.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coupon Deal ends today - Wednesday

Jewel Deals - ends today (wednesday at Midnight)

The most fabulous Wesson cooking oil deal ever
(Yes, this one comes around once or twice a year, but you will NEVER see it cheaper than this, so stock UP!)
Buy 5 Wesson oil ($2.50 each.)
Pay $12.50 and get $10 back. 5 bottles for $2.50!
With the $1 coupon from the ConAgra booklet, you'll take 5 home for $1.50 - that's .30 a bottle - an absolute steal...
Crazy Healthy Choice Soup Deal
Buy 13 Healthy Choice Soups ($12 - buy 10, get 11th free)
Pay $12 and get $10 back. $2 for 13 cans of soup!
Crazy Snack Pack Pudding Deal
Buy 14 Snack Pack Puddings ($13 - buy 10, get 11th free)
Pay $13 and get $10 back. $3 for 14 puddings!
A "What? MORE Orville Redenbacher?" Deal
Buy 7 Orville Redenbacher popcorns
Pay $11.83 and get $10 back! With no coupons, pay $1.83 for 7!
With coupons, it's a moneymaker, and there are a LOT of coupons out for this (see weekly matchups.)
You can also do an oil/popcorn mix/match deal with 3 Wesson and 3 Orville.
A Popcorn and Pam Deal
Buy 6 Orville Redenbacher Popcorns
Buy 2 Pam
With no coupons, pay $15.14 and get $10 back -- with coupons for all, you could make it a moneymaker..!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I won a contest from General Mills Pssst website!!!

I just saw an email that was sent to me from General Mills Pssst website - I won a contest! I am the proud winner of one of five Wheaties FUEL packages autographed by baseball’s three-time MVP Albert Pujols in the recent Pssst… sweepstakes. I never win anything so this is totally cool! Pictures will be posted as soon as it arrives ;-D

For anyone that is not a member of Pssst and is considering it – Do It!! It is a wonderful opportunity to get coupons and information on new items that General Mills is promoting. I also get to share coupons with my friends, so if you want me to send some to you , tell me and I will add you to my list. They are printable so you will get them the moment you open the email with the link to it. I currently have an offer that lets me share Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt coupons :-) To check out Pssst... go to the website below, click on the Join tab and sign up. It is a wonderful site.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free boxes of rice at meijers

Free boxes of rice at meijers - out of stock in McHenry, so get a raincheck. Rice Select boxes of rice are on sale this week for 2/$4 - (located in the aisle with the minute rice) Note: Do not confuse them with the jars of the RiceSelect rice which are 6 dollars each. The boxes of the Rice select are similar to RiceARoni with different flavors like almond pilaf.

$4 Off 2 RiceSelect Products Printable Coupon
* Source:

$2.00/1 at the RiceSelect Printable Coupon

Jewel Keebler cookie sale and coupon matchup - good thru wednesday 2/3/10

Jewel Keebler cookie sale and coupon matchup - good thru wednesday 2/3/10

Keebler cookies are on sale for 1.88 per package

- plus use -

Save $1.00 on any one package of Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cheesecake Middles Cookies I.E (Firefox)

88 cents per package out of pocket:-)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Check out these great in-store deals from Jewel-Osco on Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks in Fox Lake, IL

Check out these great in-store deals from Jewel-Osco on Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks in Fox Lake, IL
Betty Crocker Stickerz and Gushers Fruit Snacks -
$1.25 each when you buy 4, but it gets better! Everytime you buy 4, you get a catalina coupon for $2.50 off of your next grocery bill!! So, that takes your fruit snacks down to just 63 cents a box before any coupons you might have!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wet Ones Coupon 1.50

Take the Wet Ones Pledge and you will have access to print out a $1.50 coupon (twice - just click the back button on your browser). Use this coupon with the Walgreens Register Reward deal starting on 1/17/10 and you can get a package of Wet Ones Free!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Almost free tuna pouches from Meijers!!

Almost free tuna pouches from Meijers!

First print out the $1.00 manufacturers coupon:
Vocalpoint has a great new coupon available. Login to your vocal point account and then click the link here to print the coupon, or Fill out a short form to get the $1 Starkist Tuna coupon (IE) or coupon (FF). If you aren’t a member of Vocalpoint yet, it’s a great program! Check it out at

Then print out the Meijers Mealbox store coupon for 0.75 off of each tuna pouch. Some people are reporting paying just 4 cents per pouch!! Never used the Meijers Mealbox? Bargain Briana has a great page that gets you to it here. You can print the Meijers coupon straight from her site, just click on the "specials" tab on the picture and then choose the coupons you want to print. The tuna coupon is on page 2. After you add the coupons you want, click on the "Shopping List" tab and then choose "Print" at the top of the shopping list pane. You will know you clicked the correct link because it will pop up a box that will say "Coupons and One Stop" as one of the items you are going to print. Next click either "print" to get a screen that you can print as many times as you want to your printer, or choose "print PDF". I do this so that i can save a copy of the coupons and print more as I need them.