Saturday, January 16, 2010

Almost free tuna pouches from Meijers!!

Almost free tuna pouches from Meijers!

First print out the $1.00 manufacturers coupon:
Vocalpoint has a great new coupon available. Login to your vocal point account and then click the link here to print the coupon, or Fill out a short form to get the $1 Starkist Tuna coupon (IE) or coupon (FF). If you aren’t a member of Vocalpoint yet, it’s a great program! Check it out at

Then print out the Meijers Mealbox store coupon for 0.75 off of each tuna pouch. Some people are reporting paying just 4 cents per pouch!! Never used the Meijers Mealbox? Bargain Briana has a great page that gets you to it here. You can print the Meijers coupon straight from her site, just click on the "specials" tab on the picture and then choose the coupons you want to print. The tuna coupon is on page 2. After you add the coupons you want, click on the "Shopping List" tab and then choose "Print" at the top of the shopping list pane. You will know you clicked the correct link because it will pop up a box that will say "Coupons and One Stop" as one of the items you are going to print. Next click either "print" to get a screen that you can print as many times as you want to your printer, or choose "print PDF". I do this so that i can save a copy of the coupons and print more as I need them.

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